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Physical Therapy for
Vestibular & Balance

The Southern New Hampshire Vertigo and Balance Center is partnered with The Center for Physical Therapy and Exercise (CPTE) to provide specialized Physical Therapy for Vestibular and Balance Rehabilitation Patients.

Nashua - 522 Amherst Street

Manchester - 20 S. Main Street

Hudson - 225 Derry Road

Hudson - 142 Lowell Road

Merrimack - 416 D.W. Highway

Physical Therapy is a critical rehabilitation tool for most vestibular and balance issues. CPTE is a leader in the field of rehabilitation for vestibular problems such as vertigo, loss of balance, dizziness, falls, headaches, and brain fog. Our rehabilitation team at CPTE works closely with Dr. Woods and once your audiology evaluation is complete you may be referred for rehabilitation. Our team integrates the results of Dr. Woods audiology tests with the results of a thorough physical therapy assessment to design a comprehensive Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy program specific to your unique needs.

Specialized Vestibular and Balance Rehabilitation Therapy is available at all of our CPTE facilities in Southern NH. You may call the main CPTE Office at (603) 880-0448 to schedule an appointment at any of our clinics or to speak with a therapist if you have any questions. Visit our site to learn more.

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